A DIY fridge connected to the internet

A smart fridge Everybody wants it!

We, Vincent Kling and Arend-Jan van Hilten, have been working very long and hard on our endproject for school. We have created a smart fridge, that knows what is in your fridge and can do all kinds of stuff for you.

Test it! On our fridge

You can test our app and even do stuff on our fridge. Our app is downloadable from the Play Store(Android only). The password for our own setup is kaasblokje. You can also recreate our project, by looking at this project on WIP).

See the output Only Dutch

You can download our paper from here, together with the attachments. These are both in dutch, but we also have made a documentationpage for the info how to communicate with the server.

Print something in our fridge.

We have our fridge with everything connected and loaded with 100m thermal paper. We can't use it all, but we have to disassemble it in max 6 months and it would be cool to say we used all that paper.
So we want you to send us a message, we don't care what you write, but we'll read it and keep it. Please don't spam and not more than 1 or 2 texts long. If you add your @twitter to it, we'll tweet a picture of the message!